Face to Face Sessions

Baby Reflexology

Reflexology is the theory that the whole body is mapped in the feet. By massaging specific points of the feet, we can affect various parts of the body.

In this workshop we look at those baby health issues that every parent would like to ‘fix’.
Reflexology gives you a variety of tools which may help your baby and children with:

Digestive issues (wind, reflux, ‘colic’, constipation, gas)
Head and neck tension
Colds and congestion

We also learn breathing and relaxation techniques for parents.


Tummy Trouble

This workshop is for babies from birth to crawling.
If your baby is struggling with wind, ‘colic’, reflux, constipation and general tummy discomfort, then this time together may be a life changer!
You’ll learn how to calm and soothe your baby through a simple set of massage strokes & stretches.
Learning how to manage your own anxiety as a parent is woven into every class that I teach, leaving you feel more confident and able to help your baby.

Healing after Caesarean birth

Pregnancy Pelvic Floor

Explore Your Pelvic Floor

This 2 hour workshop is for any woman of all ages.

If you experience back pain, incontinence (urinary and/or fecal), minor prolapse, pelvic pain then this workshop is for you.

PELVIC TONE and breathwork are the cornerstones of women’s HEALTH, WELLBEING and VITALITY.

Combining an EXPLORATION of the female pelvis together with yoga-based resources specially developed within the Birthlight approach to postnatal recovery (no matter how long ago) and women’s pelvic health (no matter what age or whether you have had children).

This workshop focuses on integrated yoga-based micro-movements to stabilize the pelvis and promote lasting ALIGNMENT, SUPPLENESS & STRENGTH.