Wellbeing & Yoga For Women

emotional & physical investment in yourself

About Lady Nomad

My aim is to provide accessible, experimental and creative yoga for all women from pregnancy through menopause.

Yoga, self care and education is of paramount importance as you move through these major changes of the post natal period, peri-menopause and through menopause.

At your core you are still YOU. Amazing YOU with a lifetime of experiences which you bring to the experience of womanhood.

Vibrant Woman Yoga

All Ages Welcomed

Vibrant Woman yoga is a selection of yoga practices that have been bought together to promote and support women’s health.

No yoga experience needed.

Focusing on the major transitions in a woman’s life from menstruation through to menopause, the classes support you using  BREATHING techniques, YOGA, MASSAGE, MOVEMENT and SOUND.

Bringing a sense of fun into yoga means the time we spend together every week is a source of pleasure and curiosity, rather than yet another thing you feel you have to do in the long list of responsibilities.

Every class ends with a deep RELAXATION allowing you to release tension and help quiet the mind.

Pelvic Floor Health

Connect, awaken and heal your pelvic power!

What will we do?  We gather together every week to explore how breath, movement, sound and rest can impact and affect your pelvic floor.
Every class is recorded and you get a weekly worksheet reminder to support your journey to pelvic awareness and recovery.
What we DON’T do is a linear set of exercises which are repetitive and dull. It is NOT a 6 week course on kegel exercises. This is deep and introspective work which can be shared amongst your fellow women on the course if you so wish.
What do I need to bring?  It is helpful to have a yoga mat, a couple of yoga blocks, some cushions and a scarf. Later in the course we will be journalling, so a notebook and pen will be needed.
Classes are limited to 12 people. You will be ‘held’  in a safe, honest & non-judgmental space where experiences can be shared if you so wish with your cameras on or off.  Expect fun, tears and laughter!

Well Woman Yoga

I found Well Woman Yoga a perfect way to relax, de stress and steal back some time for myself. At the same time, these classes are very invigorating and very cleansing. On line classes are a new way of working but I found it very successful. Julie gives such clear instruction that you can very easily follow along and actually I think it’s good to teach yourself that relaxation in your own home is possible. Thank you Julie, perfect!

Shelley Sim

Pelvic Floor Health

I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, delivered in a very nurturing and informative way. I have carried on with all the exercises taught and I am pleased to say – no panty liners for me anymore!! Tena Lady has lost a customer :-)!!


Well Woman Yoga

I love Julie’s well woman yoga classes. Julie is an excellent teacher and manages to deliver the class with a warm positive energy, giving everyone personal attention even though we are all in our own homes. I really enjoyed the variety of yoga each week and the space for deep stretches and relaxation. I highly recommend it.

Rebecca Cotter

Well Woman Yoga

Before starting this class, I was slightly skeptical about the benefits it might bring me – but I knew that I was looking for something to further support me through lockdown. I could not have been more wrong. Julie is an incredible teacher. She is totally clear in her instruction, extremely knowledgeable about the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of each action and gently humorous in her approach. There is no embarrassment, just total support specifically focused for women. The relaxation at the end of sessions is exactly what I was looking for; it has helped me by providing the emotional support that I was lacking in lockdown.